Live Camera Surveillance

When you bought cameras for your business, you took an important step toward your safety and security. You can certainly help law enforcement by providing footage after a crime has been committed, but by then the damage has already been done.
It is important to take another step to make this investment truly worthwhile.
Live camera surveillance by Centralized Vision is the answer.

Here’s How Centralized Vision Can Help You

Be Proactive

Rather than wait until something bad happens, implement CV Live monitoring and be pro-active. Our Safety Certified Specialists watch for threats who may be vandals or criminals. CV specialists provide monitoring to assess all different types of activity and behavior. Our surveillance specialists will then react to what they see and summon law enforcement or emergency services.

Reduce Threats

Thieves, vagrants and vandals are less likely to target property where the cameras are actively monitored. Fewer crimes means less time wasted on filing reports. It means less money wasted on replacing missing merchandise or repairing damaged property.

Protect Employees

No one likes to walk to their car alone in a deserted parking light, especially at night. With live camera surveillance, your employees know that someone is watching and can summon help if needed. Visual Escort can provide proactive security for your staff after hours.

Go a Step Further

You can take live camera surveillance even further with the addition of a one or two way speaker to challenge unwanted visitors by voicing out warnings or ask that persons clarify their presence to reduce unwanted visitors and live audio to permit CV staff to issue warnings to intruders.

Ask for Your Free Consultation

The certified surveillance specialists at Centralized Vision can show you how 24/7 monitoring can protect your business better. Call today for details.