Logistics & Light Industrial

Create a Safe Shopping Experience with LIVE, Remote Monitoring

For logistics and light industrial business centers, adherence to rigorous safety and security measures is business critical due to the nature of their operations. Concerns encompass a range of issues from protecting people and assets to preventing theft and vandalism. Shipping and receiving of valuable cargo, delivery bays, onsite fuel pumps, expensive equipment and machinery…these are just a few areas where security breaches can occur.

Virtual Guard and Virtual Greeter play a crucial role in addressing these concerns by
providing proactive, live monitoring 24/7/365 of logistics and light industrial
environments. These customized services, which could also include Virtual Engineer,
alleviate the around-the-clock intricacies of these businesses for property managers, serving as an added layer of oversight—not only enhancing security, but also
contributing to overall efficiency.

Here are some of the ways Surveillance Specialists monitor logistics and light industrial facilities:

  • Surveillance camera assessments, conducted multiple times per hour, ensure all cameras on the premises are optimized for performance and visual quality.
  • Card access monitoring ensures persons seen approaching and/or entering have authorized, key card access and are assisted or challenged accordingly. Surveillance Specialists can control doors remotely if necessary.
  • Intrusion alarm arming/disarming includes monitoring of employees’ and contractors’ arrivals and departures, ensuring Surveillance Specialists are available to assist tenants/owners as necessary and according to schedule.
  • Vendors/solicitors monitoring safeguards they’re in authorized areas, conducting business as expected and assisted when needing access to a restricted area.
  • Vehicle/pedestrian gates monitoring ensures gates are closed with malfunctioning/compromised gates, e.g., in the open position, secured/repaired as appropriate.
  • Common and perimeter area surveillance includes active fence line monitoring, ensuring vagrants and/or trespassers attempting to cut through or climb over a fence are
    addressed and challenged appropriately by use of audio talk down; if ignored, police are dispatched immediately.

Secure Your Education Facility

Don’t leave the safeguarding of your logistics or light industrial business to chance. For more information on real-time, remote monitoring as a cost-effective surveillance solution, contact us.