One-Way Live Communication

Welcomes Guests • Informs Participants • Commands Intruders

One-way call out has many uses. For security purposes, it can command intruders to identify themselves or leave the premises. In other scenarios, it can take on a different tone, informing participants and welcoming visitors. With window shoppers, this can even generate sales leads.

As part of a security system, one-way call out is a versatile tool. Centralized Vision can show you how this feature can be adapted for your business or residential property.

Welcome Guests

“We’re glad you’re here.”

During off hours, visitors may feel free to visit a dealership. They will walk the aisles and look at the models that interest them. Garden shops and others with outdoor merchandise may experience the same window-shoppers. With One-Way Call Out, Vision staff can welcome them. We can encourage them to ask for help, referring them to a designated number. This may transform window shoppers into purchasers. Dealers will be surprised at the number of sales this can generate.

Inform Participants

No pets. No littering. No smoking. No parking.

The neighborhood swimming pool has its rules, but it’s expensive to have someone there to enforce them. Centralized Vision can watch over the pool and remind swimmers of important regulations.

Outdoor venues can be watched over as well. Centralized Vision can cover the property, keeping an eye out for participants who are lost or who aren’t following the rules. We can make announcements prior to closing time, shepherding guests toward the exits.

Where parking is tight, many shoppers, vendors, and delivery trucks may be tempted to park illegally. A quick word from our call-out, and they move to a legal space.

Smokers often don’t obey the rules, and this can lead to problems. Some businesses are governed by regulations. Others simply want to have a clean space for paying clients. With our call out services, we can ask them to move to a designated area.

Command Intruders

“You are trespassing on private property.”

Your business or residential property is sure to have unwanted visitors. Whether they are vagrants, vandals or true criminals, most will leave if a Vision specialist asks them to. This stops or prevents vandalism, destruction, littering, and theft. Bad actors get the message that your property isn’t a soft target.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

Should one-way call out be part of your surveillance security system? Centralized Vision staff will be happy to discuss how your business, residential building or gated community can benefit from this feature. Email us at or call us at 602-889-8094.