Residential Communities

Safeguard Your Residential Community with Virtual, Vigilant Eyes

Safety and security are paramount concerns for single and multi-family residential communities. From high-traffic common areas to gated entry points and individual residences, the need for comprehensive security measures has never been greater to ensure the peace of mind of your residents who are dwelling in these multi-faceted communities.
Both Virtual Guard and Virtual Greeter have proven to be indispensable tools in the proactive, live monitoring of residential communities. Not to mention the most effective custom solutions to safeguard your community and create a deterrent effect through real-time virtual monitoring 24/7/365. From Centralized Vision’s National Command Center, Certified Surveillance Specialists are dedicated to residential communities, watching over multi-story apartment buildings and towers to multi-family home communities.

Just a few proactive protocols for Surveillance Specialists, coupled with advanced technology, include:

  • Audio talk down to enforce community rules, challenge behaviors and reinforce hours of operation for common areas such as pools
  • Card access control to grant or deny caller access as per Centralized Vision’s resident controlled Smart Resident Profile Platform
  • Visual community inspection, including property irrigation, lighting, pets, suspicious persons and camera quality
  • Amenity hours watch, including roof-deck, fitness center, BBQ areas/grills, resident lounges, etc. Specialists dispatch security immediately to address any suspicious persons, and
  • Vehicle gates monitoring to report on any gates in the open position to address the issue.

Secure Your Community

Take proactive steps to safeguard your residential community today. For more information on the benefits of real-time, remote monitoring for your single or multi-family residential community, Contact Us.