Retail Shopping Centers

Create a Safe Shopping Experience with LIVE, Remote Monitoring

The digital age has forever changed the retail landscape, and the ability for brick-and-mortar retail to provide an exceptional shopping experience has never been more imperative. Every customer touch point counts. So, when it comes to safety and security, these street-side storefronts must be hyper vigilant as they’re grappling with graffiti, loitering and vagrant concerns, in addition to theft and in many cases, around-the-clock safety of employees and customers alike.
By harnessing the power of surveillance technology, Virtual Guard provides extensive live monitoring services retail shopping centers have come to rely on to sustain safe and secure environments. From Centralized Vision’s National Command Center, Certified Surveillance Specialists are dedicated to watching over all corners of retail shopping centers 24/7/365.

Here are some of the ways Surveillance Specialists monitor retail shopping centers:

  • Audio talk down and communication can accompany surveillance cameras on the premises, serving as a deterrent in the event of suspicious activity to let bad actors know, “This location is under LIVE video surveillance.” This might include vagrants, loiterers, skateboarders or anyone accessing the rooftops or jumping over the fence from a bordering neighborhood. Trespassers are challenged immediately by use of audio talk down; if ignored, police are dispatched immediately.
  • Tagging, a primary form of graffiti, is combated with regular inspections, particularly in areas where tagging is an ongoing issue. In the event this action is observed, audio talk down is used and if ignored, police are dispatched immediately.
  • Visual Escort and Scout Ahead. Centralized Vision’s Surveillance Specialists are available for retail center staff, working round-the-clock shifts, to request to be escorted while walking to and from their destinations. With Scout Ahead, specialists are available for staff members to request an “all clear” to their destinations prior to departure.
  • Tenant move-out. In the event someone is seen moving materials out of a suite, Surveillance Specialists dispatch police immediately to obtain detailed information and report to the client promptly.
  • Dumpster monitoring, as part of routine checks during and after business hours, ensure dumpsters are only being used by tenants of the shopping plaza. If otherwise, audio talk down is used and if necessary, police or security is dispatched.

Proactive Security for Your Retail Shopping Center

For modern retail shopping centers, take a proactive approach to the safety and security of everyone involved and detect issues in real-time! For more information on how Virtual Guard can create a safer shopping experience, contact us today.