Centralized Vision specializes in cutting-edge LIVE safety and security monitoring. We connect to each system needing to be monitored and for proactive use. Our service is designed to mitigate risk by addressing an undesirable situation before it escalates. After all, effective safety and security monitoring is a better investment than paying for liability or loss as a result of reacting well after.

Virtual Guard

With CV on the job, your cameras, card access system and other security systems can prevent problems not just report them after the fact.

Virtual Greeting / Concierge

With CV watching over residents and guests, convenience is balanced with security.

Virtual Engineering

Tailored to your needs, CV can monitor your building for power outages, fire, HVAC malfunction, sprinkler malfunction, pooling water, flooding, and more.

How Our Video Monitoring Services Work

Get Pro-Active!

Watch this interactive video to see how our services allow you to take a pro-active approach to the safety and security of your facility.

24/7 Monitoring Vs. Passive Monitoring

Active monitoring by Centralized Vision has major benefits. Your business or residential community can enjoy virtual guard, virtual engineer and virtual concierge services. Together we build the security plan that’s right for you. Our system can:

  • Prevent property damage
  • Stop planned theft
  • Deter crimes of opportunity
  • Summon emergency services as needed
  • Provide a safer environment for residents, visitors, employees, customers
  • Help law enforcement catch criminals in the act
  • Reduce the chances that a confrontation on your property will turn into a crisis
  • Reduce the chances that dangerous individuals will harm employees, customers, residents or visitors
  • Spot exterior fires before they can spread to buildings
  • Report power outages, floods, and lighting issues
  • Provide two-way communication for secure entry screening
  • Provide card access and entry control for your business

By doing these things, CV 24/7 monitoring helps pay for itself. It can:

  • Allow management to attend to business instead of security
  • Reduce/prevent loss due to damage, vandalism or theft
  • Reduce/prevent loss due to power outages, HVAC malfunction or flooding
  • Keep insurance rates lower due to reduced claims
  • Share liability in some claims
  • Prevent lawsuits by employees or customers by preventing problems

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