GPS Monitoring Devices

Centralized Vision provides real-time GPS monitoring and tracking with two-way communication devices to make people feel safe and secure wherever they may be throughout the world.

Our monitoring can locate seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s, autistic children that elope, low-level criminals or transportation fleet vehicles with easy-to-use, customizable technology.

Our various GPS monitoring services have numerous features, including SOS Assistance to call for help, G-Force Sensor Alert to report immediate impact or fall, Geo-Fencing to report crossing of pre-determined barriers, pre-determined text messages and Two-Way Voice Communication to talk with our 24-hour support staff.

Our GPS monitoring for personal vehicles, motorcycles and boats allows us to easily notify you in real time if your possession is stolen or towed. We can also immediately track your vehicle’s location and alert local law enforcement to return your valuable possession.

Our 24-hour support offers a team of technicians that are safety- and CPR-certified and accustomed to accurately communicate with any type of individual, whether it’s a public safety officer or the parent of a child with a cognitive disorder.