Video Camera Placement Can Make All the Difference

Centralized Vision Camera Placement BlogIn the world of surveillance, camera placement can make all the difference. Properly positioned cameras will cover your entire business and keep it safe from damage and theft. Any area that is not covered by cameras is potentially vulnerable to thieves and vandals.

Ideally, every inch of your property should be covered by at least one camera. For best results, an overlap is recommended to ensure you can capture all the angles you need in order to see what is going on.

Camera Placement Tips

There are many important factors to setting up a successful surveillance network. Camera placement is one of the most important things to consider, and should not be decided haphazardly. When deciding where to place your security cameras, keeping the following tips in mind will ensure your home or business will be covered.

Make sure all doors and other points of entry are covered –

Doors and windows are an easy access point for criminals. More than 30% of burglaries happen via the front door. There are several options when it comes to covering a door with a video camera. You can use an outdoor camera that faces the door which allows you to see not only who is coming and going, you can also see if anyone props the door open or otherwise tampers with it.

Another option is to have an outdoor camera that faces away from the door so you can not only see the faces of people approaching, you have a larger field of view which allows you to keep an eye on the sidewalk and/or parking area. This type of location is effective for catching package thieves and vandals as they approach, giving you more time to react and stop them before they can cause any mischief.

Windows are another important egress point that absolutely must be covered by your cameras for proper security of your home or business. All it takes is a heavy object to break a window and the bad guys are in. It can be difficult to cover all windows from outside so do not hesitate to incorporate both interior and exterior cameras where needed. A well placed interior camera is just as valuable in deterring criminals as exterior cameras are.

Make sure key assets are covered –

Having cameras covering your key assets is paramount in protecting your business. Not only do you have to worry about strangers stealing from you, unfortunately you also have to watch your own employees to make sure they are being honest and not stealing from you as well.

If your business is retail, having your warehouse, sales floor, and all points of sale covered would be of utmost importance. Along with your offices and cash room, these are your most valuable assets. If you have a car dealership. You would want to make sure that all your vehicles, tools, and parts are under surveillance at all times. It only takes an experienced crook a few seconds to cost you big money. No matter what type of business you have, keeping your key assets covered is extremely important.

Make sure exterior areas, parking and storage are covered –

Covering your doors, windows, and key assets is important when it comes to your video camera surveillance system, but you also need to cover your exterior areas.  Cameras that cover your perimeter keep an eye on who is coming and going at all times. Knowing who is on your property and where they are will keep your business safe from loss due to theft and property damage. Exterior perimeter cameras also alert you to any developing situations such as weather or fire emergencies.

There are many things to remember when deciding where to place your video surveillance cameras but the most important thing to remember is to ensure that your entire property can be seen from the cameras. All areas should be covered by at least one camera with important locations covered by multiple cameras if possible.

Well Maintained Video Cameras Can Prevent Costly Obstructions

By Tom Vigilante, Jr.

Living in Phoenix during the summer, one might think the only weather element you have to deal with are the hot temperatures. And although those of us that live in the desert still maintain it’s a dry heat, we also have to routinely deal with large-scale dust storms between May and September each year.

More commonly known as haboobs, these massive dust storms sweep through the entire city, causing low visibility for drivers on the roadways and a flurry of news coverage from local television stations. They also leave layers of dirt transfixed on homes, businesses and parked vehicles.

Haboobs also cause problems for us in the video verification services industry because layers of dirt can block a camera’s view while monitoring a company’s property and assets. Light rain mixed with dust turns into dirt spots on the camera lens, causing a nuisance while trying to accurately identify objects on video. Our company, Centralized Vision, provides pro-active protection of property and assets for businesses using remote-camera monitoring with real-time response options. Any obstruction for video cameras we are monitoring could be the difference in preventing a crime or being able to apprehend a perpetrator.

Because Centralized Vision technicians are constantly monitoring numerous video cameras 24 hours a day, we can always alert our clients if there are obstacles in preventing us from protecting their assets.

Below are a few suggestions on how to maintain video cameras in order to provide optimum viewing:

  • Installation: When installing video surveillance cameras, it is imperative to make sure they are directed properly so they cover a full range of the property. Blind spots in camera coverage could allow thieves to escape without having video footage or a photo image to forward to law enforcement authorities.
  • Landscaping: Each month, it is a good idea to make sure bushes and trees are not blocking each camera’s view. High winds and storms can cause branches to fall and constant rain may cause vegetation to grow rapidly, standing in the way of a camera’s view. Landscapers can also hinder proper viewing if they use blowers to clean pathways, causing dust or dirt to collect on the lenses of video cameras.
  • Wiring: Periodically, it is essential to make sure wiring for each camera is not exposed or in danger of being ruined by moisture, animals or insects. Not keeping an eye on this may cause a loss of power to the camera or interrupted viewing because of a short in the wire.
  • Focus: Having a blurred image or video footage makes it more difficult for law enforcement officials to track down criminals. Wind, moisture or various movements can cause a camera to be out of focus.
  • Lighting: Make sure video cameras are not pointing into direct sunlight at certain points of the day to cause a disturbance in coverage. It is also essential to make sure external lighting sources are working so that maximum video surveillance can be maintained at night or in dark settings.

Having a modern video surveillance system along with 24/7 monitoring from Centralized Vision is a great investment to protect a company’s assets and to minimize financial loss. But just like every other investment, periodic maintenance is key to achieving the maximum results.

Tom Vigilante, Jr. is President & Founder at Centralized Vision. For more information on real-time video verification services or GPS monitoring, go to or call 855-888-8094.