• Currently monitoring  throughout the United States.
  • 24×7 monitoring center.
  • Vision’s pro-active approach allows us to see incidents while in progress.
  • Technicians contact property mgmt, security dispatch, local police, loved ones, institutions.
  • Our technicians are Safety and CPR certified.
  • Partnerships with local security guard companies allows for immediate dispatch response and cost savings compared to Police fees.
  • Full Investigative work which equates to significant customer time savings.
  • All monitoring is conducted via an internet connection.
  • Currently 2 monitoring stations with over 22 LCDs.
  • Motion Detection – sends immediate alert messages to our technicians.
  • Technicians log all details of what is viewed.
  • Customized reporting sent to client/customer as needed.


Centralized Vision was established in 2008 by Tami and Tom Vigilante. While serving as an Executive Vice President for Vigilante Security Services (VSS), Tom recognized the need for real-time camera monitoring throughout the industry.

It was clear that companies were making significant investments in surveillance camera systems, however were not utilizing the camera systems effectively or at all. We concluded that after a minimal compatibility inspection of the equipment, we could determine the requirements necessary to begin remote monitoring. From this point all that was left to accomplish was establishing an internet connection into clients DVR systems. Once these simple steps are completed Centralized Vision is able to provide real-time monitoring.

In 2011, we launched our Operator Division. This division was designed to support GPS tracking devices with integrated cell phones. Along with Adiant Solutions, the distributor of the devices, we are supplying customers with cutting edge technology and customized support that is tailored to fit the needs of the individual we are monitoring. The technology is diverse and can be used to monitor anyone, all over the world.