Real Time Video Monitoring

Centralized Vision offers an innovative security platform that provides pro-active protection of property and assets for companies by using remote-camera monitoring with real-time response options.

Our technicians visually monitor our clients’ property in real time and can dispatch security or law enforcement officers to prevent a crime.

We offer the latest in security technology that interfaces with all brands of video equipment and proprietary reporting software.

Technicians at our centralized location also process, store and protect video surveillance footage if needed for future use.

Our call center is equipped with safety-certified operators and video technicians 24 hours a day.

By using the latest in security technology from a centralized location, Centralized Vision provides affordable pricing options that fit into any company’s budget.

We invest many resources into building client relationships by constantly keeping an open line of communication with our customers by providing weekly property reports and always asking how we can provide better services.