Cops nab copper thief, thanks to CV monitoring

copper-thief-12-13-14Retail shopping centers are especially busy this time of year, but the customers entering through the front doors aren’t the only people shopping for something shiny this holiday season.

On December 13, 2014, at approximately 8:20 p.m., a Centralized Vision Operating Tech observed two suspicious males arrive on bikes at a retail shopping center in Phoenix, AZ. The men proceeded to the rear of the center and approached several secure boxes containing copper wiring and attempted to open them. The CV tech notified the authorities and Phoenix Police was dispatched to investigate. The officers arrived and located the two trespassers hiding behind a block wall. One suspect was immediately arrested.

And that’s one less Grinch roaming the streets. Watch the video here.

Real-time security monitoring by CV techs helps police arrest suspects

Rock-throwing break-inAt a high-end retail shopping center on Camelback Road, two suspects were observed throwing rocks into the glass door of a suite until it breaks. They then kick the rest of the glass down and enter the suite to grab a pair of expensive sunglasses. They then exit the back door of the suite, get in a truck, and drive away.

With an unmonitored camera system, this would be the end of the story. Unmonitored cameras simply record crimes to be viewed at a later time, and rarely give the victim any immediate recourse, much less any valuable information to pursue the criminals with.

In this case, real-time monitoring by Centralized Vision meant that authorities were immediately notified, and CV techs were able to provide police with the direction the vehicle was traveling when it exited the center, which proved to be very useful in tracking down the suspects, who were arrested a few miles from the scene.

Click here to watch the surveillance video.


Centralized Vision Camera Monitoring Catches Copper Theft Criminals

Centralized Vision’s real-time monitoring for one of its clients assisted in apprehending two copper thieves removing materials from a facility. In this video, two men walk along the fence line to the property, with a man wearing a green shirt in camera view on the property throws copper items over the fence. Shortly after, the other man wearing a white shirt begins to place the copper items in a bag while the man in the green shirt continues to throw the items over the fence. While this was occurring on video, a Centralized Vision technician alerted local law enforcement authorities. Although it is not the video, the police arrived and apprehended the two suspects.

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Centralized Vision’s Real-Time Monitoring Catches Suspect Syphoning Gas

Centralized Vision’s real-time monitoring noticed suspicious activity when a black SUV pulled up to a white van on the property of one of its clients. A Centralized Vision technician on duty that was monitoring the client’s property in real time and zoomed in with the PTZ camera to notice the driver of the black SUV looking suspicious after he opened both passenger side doors of the vehicle and occasionally bent down between the vehicles to look at something. It was determined the suspect was syphoning gas from the white van using a device in his black SUV. The on-duty technician immediately alerted the company’s security patrol and local law enforcement authorities, but the suspect in the black SUV left the property before the police arrived.

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