GPS Monitoring Devices

Centralized Vision provides real-time GPS monitoring and tracking with two-way communication devices to make people feel safe and secure wherever they may be throughout the world. Our monitoring can locate seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s, autistic children that elope, low-level criminals or transportation fleet vehicles with easy-to-use, customizable technology. Our various GPS monitoring services have […]


Tom Vigilante President & Founder Tom Vigilante, Jr. is the President and Founder of Centralized Vision and is an expert in innovative security solutions after spending more than 15 years in the security industry. Headquartered in Phoenix, Centralized Vision is a leading company that offers real-time video surveillance services and personal GPS monitoring and tracking […]


Currently monitoring  throughout the United States. 24×7 monitoring center. Vision’s pro-active approach allows us to see incidents while in progress. Technicians contact property mgmt, security dispatch, local police, loved ones, institutions. Our technicians are Safety and CPR certified. Partnerships with local security guard companies allows for immediate dispatch response and cost savings compared to Police […]