Live Video Surveillance Monitoring – More Than Stopping Criminals

Centralized Vision February Video Surveillance Blog Stopping Criminals Live monitored video surveillance is great for stopping criminals and preventing crime. But it is good for more than just catching bad guys. With 24/7 live monitoring, technicians can not only contact security personnel and police in case of a crime, they can also contact other emergency personnel, building management, or building maintenance.

Contacting Security and Police

Having surveillance video live monitored by trained technicians can help stop and even prevent crime from happening. In the case of a crime in progress or a suspicious character on your property, technicians can immediately summon on-site security or the police. Having an extra set of eyes watching your property can give you peace of mind knowing that if anything does happen, there will not only be someone reacting to the situation in real time, there will be a recording and a written report as well as the ability to keep the authorities aware of the suspects whereabouts minute-by-minute.

Emergency Personnel

Having live monitored video cameras is great for securing your property from criminals. It is also great for things like recognizing emergency situations as they are happening and summoning the proper emergency responders like the Fire Department or Emergency Medical personnel. Every business is at risk of fire from one source or another. Many businesses are lost to fire due to faulty equipment or problems nobody was aware of because no one was watching. With Centralized Vision on the job, fires can be detected even before they start, and the fire department can be summoned immediately if needed.

In the case of a medical emergency, live monitored video surveillance can potentially save lives. There was a case recently where a young man fell off the back railing of a cruise ship and drowned before anyone knew he had fallen over. The entire thing was recorded, but since no one was monitoring the video at the time of the incident, the recording ended up being too little too late. Live trained technicians watching the cameras could have notified the ship’s captain and sent rescue personnel after the young man.

Live monitored video is also great for helping your employees, if they ever fall ill and need emergency medical help. In the case of a medical emergency in the work place, our trained technicians will call the EMT’s and give them a detailed account of the incident as well as instructions on how to reach the patient.

Building Management and Maintenance

A video surveillance system that is monitored 24/7 is good for many things. A roof or plumbing leak can be catastrophic if not caught in the beginning, but they often go undetected for months. However, if your surveillance system is live monitored, the leak will be noticed when it first begins, minimizing any damage that might occur. At the first sign of a leak or any other issue with your buildings vital systems our technicians will notify building management of the situation.

With the unpredictable weather we are having these days, having your surveillance cameras monitored by live technicians can help protect your customers and employees in the case of bad weather. With exterior cameras in place, technicians can keep you informed of weather situations. They can notify you if you have dangerous ice build-up on the roof or heavy snow piling up in the parking lot while your employees are working.

Technicians can also notify you of dangerous weather heading your way. Bad storms can pop up without warning and wreak havoc on people and property. During a recent thunderstorm in Louisiana, a tornado broke out headed for a populated area. It ripped the wall off of a fitness center while the staff and customers were all inside, unaware of the approaching storm. With technicians keeping an eye on things outside, they could have notified the business and allowed everyone to get out before the twister arrived.

There are many ways live monitored video surveillance can help you and your business. Technicians can not only keep an eye out for criminals, they can also monitor your buildings vitals systems and help protect your customers and employees.