Christine Dona

Christine Dona, Operations Manager at Centralized Vision, got her start in the security industry back in 2018 and her immense talent has seen her rise quickly through the ranks. After a short stint in physical security, Christine realized the real future and opportunity to grow was in the virtual space. Hired as a Surveillance Specialist at Centralized Vision, Christine knew early on that she made the right choice. Christine’s talents and value were quickly recognized, and it wasn’t long before she became a Shift Manager, then Lead Supervisor to then ultimately be named Operations Manager. Christine has worked in the customer service industry for several years and is passionate about putting her employees and customer’s needs first and ensuring that they are receiving the very best from her in every interaction. As a mother of two, a wife, pet owner and young leader she has become above all, patient. Each milestone in life has given her the experience and confidence needed to take on the many roles she has within Centralized Vision. From growing and mentoring employees, to providing unmatched communication and support to our customer and partners, Christine has become the backbone of Centralized Vision always with the goal of protecting all things that matter most, both inside and outside of the organization.