David Turley

David Turley, Software Training Manager, is tasked with interviewing, hiring, and training qualified applicants to become the versatile and exacting Surveillance Specialists comprising the staff of Centralized Vision.

Graduating from Washington High School in 2008, David continued his education at Glendale Community College before entering the security industry as a guard specializing in event security for venues large and small.

An enthusiast in the fields of interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and systems analysis, David began his tenure with Centralized Vision in 2014 as a Surveillance Specialist before quickly transitioning into the role of Software Training Manager.

Certified by The Monitoring Association (TMA) as a level 2 alarm operator, David applies the rigorous professional standards set forth by the TMA international body at every level of training for CV Surveillance Specialists. His goal is to ensure that all CV procedures and protocols adhere to the values and best practices set forth and continually refined by TMA.

As an EMS Safety Services certified instructor, David conducts OSHA-compliant, federally approved CPR/First Aid/AED courses, maintaining fresh certifications for all Specialists on staff so they may assist in any life threatening situations that may arise during the course of their monitoring.

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