Remote Temperature Control

Fluctuating building temperatures can be expensive and time-consuming for businesses. That’s why Centralized Vision offers remote temperature control services.

Why Remote Temperature Control?

Your business has invested a small fortune in equipment or merchandise or refrigerated goods. You can’t afford for the temperatures in your facility to fluctuate. Heat is your enemy in the summer. Cold can wreak havoc on your business systems in the winter. When you are on site, you can keep an eye on things. But what about nights and weekends?

At Centralized Vision, our Virtual Engineer system can control your temperatures remotely. CV staff watches over your business while your staff is away. Computerized technology can keep an eye on your HVAC system and refrigerated rooms.

Eliminate Monday Morning Surprises

If your HVAC breaks, the heat or cold can close you down. It can mean the difference between a good Monday morning or a bad one.

  • Bad Monday morning. A broken HVAC system has left your building uninhabitable. You have to send your employees home. Your customers must be turned away. By the afternoon, HVAC is restored, but your business has lost money and possibly clientele.
  • Good Monday morning. Your broken HVAC system is discovered by Centralized Vision. The rising temperatures in your building were quickly addressed by the HVAC company that you or CV summoned to make the repairs. Monday morning, employees are in place and customers have no idea there was a problem.

Prevent Financial Surprises

In many cases, building temperatures are vital to a company’s business model. The wrong temperature can mean the difference between a good fiscal quarter and a bad one.

  • Bad Fiscal Quarter. Your business machines were damaged by extreme heat or extreme cold as a result of a broken HVAC system. Now you are forced to buy new equipment. Or, your warehouse full of delicate materials was ruined. Now you have to tell your clients that their orders won’t be filled. Or, your refrigerated rooms failed and the contents were spoiled. You have to close your business until you can restock.
  • Good Fiscal Quarter. Your temperatures dropped, but the problem didn’t last long. CV Virtual Engineer was on the job. HVAC repair was initiated within hours of discovering the problem. Your business didn’t suffer any losses. With everything on track, your financial outlook remains good.

Find Out More About Remote Temperature Control

Get ahead of temperature control problems. Make an appointment to consult with Centralized Vision experts about remote temperature control.