Thomas Rowswell

Thomas Rowswell, Systems Integrations Manager, started as a standard Surveillance Specialist over ten years ago. He became Lead Technician and then Systems Integrations Manager. Duties have included or currently include integrating new client systems into the CV infrastructure, maintaining client relationships, managing employee concerns, creating and sending reports, and training new employees.

One of his most important roles is maintaining the health of the technology employed in our center. He acts as basic technical support for many systems managed or monitored by CV. He consults on the implementation of new systems being installed as well as old systems being upgraded, providing feedback on the capabilities and limitations of the system as a whole. He manages access control databases and onboarding card access, visiting our clients to ensure that all is well with the property and ensuring our scope of work is up to date and properly functional. As needed, you may find him performing testing on site at locations monitored by CV as he seeks to ensure all technology is working properly.

Rowswell came to CV from VSS where he was a Security Officer. His experience with tech began at age 10 when he built his first computer from spare parts. Through self-training and education, he became a CompTIA A+ Technician with plans to finish CompTIA Net+ Certification by 2020. He also plans to be married February 2020 to Jessica Klinedinst. They share four wonderful dogs: Cocoa, Brownie, Lola, and Flower.