Uninterrupted Power Supply Management

Your business runs on power. If your power goes out on a weeknight or weekend, it could cause a lot of headaches. To prevent this common business problem, Centralized Vision offers uninterrupted power supply management.

How We Help

Using Virtual Engineer computer programs, we can watch over your power supply. Here’s how our system can help you.

  • Notify you about power surges
  • Alert you to short power outages that happened while you were out of the building
  • Alert you to major power outages and contact power company for answers
  • Summon electricians to repair onsite problems

How Uninterrupted Power Supply Management Saves You Money

  • Stay Open. Of course you want your business to be ready for action. If your power is out, then you are forced to delay until the situation is resolved. This can mean a short-term loss while you wait for the power company to get the lights back on. With CV alert to your power outage, you may not lose a minute of productivity.
  • Stay Safe. When your power is out, your lights and security systems aren’t working. Since many crimes are crimes of opportunity, the situation is an invitation to thieves and vandals. The faster the power outage is recognized, the faster the situation can be remedied.
  • Stop Loss. Many businesses require temperature controlled environments. If the power goes out, your refrigerators and HVAC systems are out too. You’ll need the power restored quickly to make sure you don’t lose money you’ve invested in your machines or products.

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At Centralized Vision, we are committed to helping our clients stay in business. Find out how power supply management can help you. Call for more information and a free consultation.