Virtual Engineer

Backed by decades of experience in security services, Centralized Vision provides proactive protection of property and assets. Our 24/7, 365 central monitoring station uses remote systems to provide real-time response options.

Virtual Engineers provide monitoring for the following:

Emergency Management

Ensure faster emergency response. During monitoring times, we can keep a watchful eye over the premises through the building’s automation system. 

Often times our specialists are the first to detect a building system failure or a system emergency. When detected, our specialists alert the appropriate personnel to include Lead Building Engineers, service technicians, emergency services and client representatives. 

A fast response is sure to reduce damage, minimize liability, and protect tenants, employees and customers.

Flood Detection

Prevent flooding. Too much rain? A broken pipe? Overflowing sewer? Your business can get ahead of these problems with live CV monitoring. Utilizing and monitoring environmental flood detection sensors may mean the difference between an inconvenience and a major financial disaster. After all, flooding can damage machinery, your work product, and your buildings. A quick response is the only way to mitigate the situation.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Prevent power problems. A power failure can be disastrous if no one is on hand to deal with it. CV specialists can monitor your premises for power surges and failures and become aware of a back-up generator or power supply activation. With live CV monitoring, a failure can be addressed quickly, lessening the chance of an unpleasant surprise on a Monday morning.

Temperature Control

Keep the air/heat on. Unfortunately, HVAC systems tend to fail over a weekend or in the middle of the night. These failures can lead to tenant dissatisfaction, loss of productivity and potential damage to equipment and products. By having a CV specialist monitor the temperature in your buildings, these failures are addressed in real time.

Lighting Control and Assessment

Maintain lighting for safety and security. Lights are a good deterrent against thieves and vandals. Landscape lighting makes properties look nice. Without live monitoring how can you be sure these lights are even working? CV can turn lights on and off, and can assess and ensure that all lights are operating correctly and on schedule.

Irrigation Failure

Stop sprinklers from running amok. Live CV monitoring allows us to see and address pooling water, running water, and compromised sprinkler heads. Water costs money, Let us help you save some.

Take Time to Protect Your Environment

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