Virtual Greeter

Eliminate 4-digit code abuse and gain control of your callbox! Virtual Greeter is a virtual concierge solution that keeps bad actors out and improves the experience for authorized visitors of secured sites.

‘How May We Assist You?’
(and So Much More!)

Virtual Greeter was born out of the challenges faced by gated or secured communities, office buildings and facilities that require varying levels of access restrictions—any barrier to entry in keeping bad actors out!

Also known as Centralized Vision’s “virtual concierge,” Virtual Greeter leverages various callbox technology/access control systems; it interacts with individuals seeking entry to streamline the process, improve the authorized user experience and enhance overall security of the premises.

Quick and Consistent Communication

Customizable greetings are provided through the use of security cameras, access controls and two-way voice call boxes on your premises. Certified Surveillance Specialists at our National Operations Center are on the job 24/7, 365 days a year and ready when you need them, making your secured community or business campus as safe and welcoming as possible.

Residential Profile Platform: Entry Allowed or Denied

At the core of the Virtual Greeter experience is its smart Residential Profile Platform. Our Surveillance Specialists tap into the platform’s database for residents, visitors and vendor profiles to determine who gains entry at monitored access points.
Both app and web-based, the system is controlled by the resident to ensure only those that are on the list or approved by the resident are allowed access. As a result, all visitors are vetted and assisted properly. Virtual Greeter is highly customizable to meet your community or business needs, taking into account business hours, weekend needs, deliveries and more.

With Virtual Greeter, you can depend on:

  • No 4-digit code: Virtual Greeter offers communities the ability to eliminate pesky 4-digit access codes. Given the sophistication of the Virtual Greeter system, you simply won’t need them.
  • Management assistance: When you need to keep someone out, rely on Virtual Greeter’s Surveillance Specialists to deny them access. In the event an individual who has been denied access refuses to leave, the police will be dispatched.
  • Resident convenience: When a resident hosts an event, they can provide their guests with a one-time password for use when greeted by a Surveillance Specialist. This eliminates the need for the resident to continue to answer calls, texts and various messages to open the gate/door for their visitors.

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For more information on the benefits of integrating Virtual Greeter in your gated or secured environment, Contact Us. Take the Interactive Tutorial to find out how Virtual Greeter can best serve the safety and security of your premises.