Virtual Residential Concierge/Greeter

“How may we assist you”?

At controlled doors or gates, Centralized Vision staff provides remote access as needed for residents, visitors and vendors. By utilizing our residential profile database, we access each resident’s profile to determine who gains entry. Keep in mind, we tailor our services to meet your needs. We offer a variety of ways to make your condominium community or gated community as safe and welcoming as possible.

How We Work

Greeting/Concierge services are provided through the utilization of security cameras, access controls and two-way voice call boxes within your community.  Highly trained specialists at our National Operations Center are ready when you need them. After all, they are on the job 24/7, 365 days a year.

CV partnered with a world class software developer to create what has become our residential profile platform. From this, all callers are vetted and assisted appropriately.

  • No 4-digit code. Greeting/Concierge offers communities the ability to eliminate their 4-digit access codes. With CV in place, you simply won’t need them.
  • Management Assistance. When you need to keep someone out, allow us to do the dirty work by denying them access. If the bad actor refuses to leave, the police can be dispatched.
  • Convenience. When a resident hosts a party/gathering, they can provide their guests with a one-time verbal password to be used when greeted by a CV Specialist. This eliminates the need for the homeowner to continue to answer their phone and in order to open the gates/doors for their visitors. This password can be conveniently added to their profile.
  • Virtual Escort and Scout Ahead. Let us watch over you by using the facility’s security cameras. Residents don’t have to be alone in a dark or deserted parking lot, nor do they have to be unaware of what they may be walking or driving into. They can simply call CV from their cell phone 24×7. Our safety certified specialists will work to ensure the caller’s destination is safe. If it isn’t, we can warn them about a possible danger and alert the police as needed. If the coast is clear, CV will watch to ensure they arrive or leave safely.

Get Started Today

With Centralized Vision on the job, residents can enjoy effective access control that keeps the bad actors out and allows everyone else to go about their business safely. Contact us to learn how our concierge services can be employed to protect your residents.