Virtual Guard Services

Virtual Guard

Paying a security guard or internal employee to manage safety and security is an expensive proposition. It’s especially expensive to have that person in place 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Live monitoring by Centralized Vision is a smart alternative.

Centralized Vision offers 100% customizable solutions. We understand that no two locations are the same and therefore tailor our many monitoring services to fit your needs.

Our Specialists can watch over any environment 24/7 365 days a year either through existing or newly installed equipment. Every member of our team is Safety Certified, heavily screened, background-checked and drug-tested. Training is extensive and ongoing.

Fact: Recorded video footage only helps to investigate a crime after it has already been committed! Live monitoring can prevent crimes from happening..

Fact: Live monitoring eliminates the fear of negative recourse associated with unwanted liability due to unmonitored cameras. With CV, you are no longer solely responsible.

Here’s How Centralized Vision Can Help You

Live Camera Surveillance

Centralized Vision offers “Proactive” rather than “Reactive” safety and security.  By utilizing our National Operations Center, our highly trained and experienced Surveillance Specialists provide environments with real-time monitoring. With Vision’s specialists always assessing, we can react in a flash to problems that unfold before us.

Burglar Alarm Visual Verification

Tired of getting woken up in the middle of the night only to deal with another false alarm? Why not have a CV Specialist take the first call? After all, nearly all alarms are false. By using your surveillance cameras we can instantly qualify the validity of the alarm. If true, PD will be dispatched along with a call to the appropriate client contact. False alarms are followed by a written report, which will be waiting for you in your inbox. No more after-hours calls equals a good night’s sleep. Aren’t you worth it!?!

One Way Live Communication

One of our most powerful tools, the speaker! When available, or added to your existing camera system, CV will use the speaker to voice out commands. Whether it’s impressing upon a dumpster diver that his behavior is not permitted, speaking out to a homeowner who is swimming in the community pool with their dog, warning a would-be bike thief that he’s on camera, or greeting a visitor looking at a vehicle at one of the many car dealerships we monitor, the appropriate words are spoken. Nothing is more satisfying then assisting a person or getting the word out through the “bad guy network” that the area is under LIVE video surveillance.

Two-Way Live Communication

Let us support your residents, guests or employees. The main reason our CV specialists are safety certified is to support people in a time of need. Two-way communication typically occurs in unmanned environments, addressing a caller’s needs who is alone or at risk. Calls are received from remote locations such as community fitness centers, community parks, locker rooms, vaults, and many others.

Card Access

With Centralized Vision’s help, your Card Access system can be managed by trained security professionals. Sparing your management, we maintain your records, create fobs, and deactivate fobs as needed. Our database management makes this system even more useful to busy organizations.

Get the Security Answers You Need

To learn more about Virtual Guard monitoring and how it can complement your environment, talk to the experts at Centralized Vision. We’ve got answers for your security questions. Call today.