Virtual Guard

Bring your system to life and stop incidents before they occur! Virtual Guard is the premier real-time, remote monitoring service to safeguard your environment and ensure peace of mind.

The ‘Eye in the Sky’

Hundreds of customers across North America trust Virtual Guard, Centralized Vision’s flagship service, as the “eye in the sky,” to watch over and manage their security and safety systems. With this premier service, Certified Surveillance Specialists are live 24/7/365. They proactively watch and react in real time by monitoring security devices such as cameras, Audio Voice Down, panic call boxes, access control systems and more. 

Unleash the Power of Your Surveillance Systems

Virtual Guard is designed to utilize customers’ legacy or newly installed systems. Allow Centralized Vision’s team of experts to transform your surveillance equipment into a fully customizable solution.

Stop, Prevent, Assist

We pride ourselves on the thousands of crime-related incidents Virtual Guard has impacted through proactive threat detection and rapid response. Our Surveillance Specialists, coupled with AI-powered systems, not only keep a watchful eye, but also continually assess and adapt to evolving threats and changing environments.
Crime Related Incidents Centralized Vision has Prevented
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With Virtual Guard, Experience:

Significant cost savings: Loss mitigation afforded by Virtual Guard’s live, remote monitoring has saved businesses and organizations tens of millions of dollars in three primary ways:
  1. Reduction of insurance premiums. As a result of minimizing risk of assets through proactive threat detection, customers experience a significant reduction in insurance premiums.
  2. Hardware. Centralized Vision can leverage legacy surveillance systems, increasing the longevity of customers’ established systems without the need for new hardware.
  3. Staffing. Virtual Guard reduces the need for staffing and/or optimizes employee efficiency, saving costs while maintaining effective surveillance and security coverage.
Regulatory compliance: For industries with rigorous security and safety protocols, Virtual Guard can help businesses stay in regulatory compliance by providing detailed records, data collection and analysis of security systems, incidents and responses. This information can also be used to identify vulnerabilities for improvement and optimization of security strategies and safety protocols.
Centralized management: From Centralized Vision’s 5,000 square-foot National Command Center, numerous customer locations in the U.S. and Canada are monitored from a single centralized control center. Surveillance Specialists—certified in safety, security and CPR—keep a vigilant eye 24/7/365. Each specialist manages a portfolio of clients as we believe familiarity breeds success.

Get the Security Answers You Need

To learn more about Virtual Guard monitoring and how it can complement your environment, talk to the experts at Centralized Vision. We’ve got answers for your security questions. Call today.